• Added new “Very Low” setting (this is the setting that was formerly Potato)
  • Potato is now extra potato
  • Improved graphics on Juliette 3 and added a graphic if the condition is triggered
  • Slightly increased visibility of the trap squares left by Omikron’s primary


  • Switching lobby music now will not cause the music to restart until you Confirm the change
  • “Lobby Theme” (Char Select music) is now available as an option
  • Added “Announcer” voiceover for various events (Char Select, Hovers, Turns Remaining)
  • Added a checkbox to Settings Menu to allow you to turn off/on the announcer voiceover when selecting (hovering) heroes in Char Select


  • Agnar, Barb, Galactos, Vex and Wenifrey now have minimalist icons (courtesy of Stereh )
  • Using Minimalist UI will no longer cause some characters to have missing icons in Character Select
  • Overcon Selector layout improved slightly so you should be able to close the Overcon Selector again without selecting one


  • Powerup spawners and powerups can now be seen thru walls
  • No longer color-coded text, but instead has the applicable new icon underneath it
  • If you still want the color-coded text, there is a Settings Menu option to toggle that
  • New icons for Might, Energized, Haste and Heal Over Time
  • Respawning players (who cannot pick up powerups) will no longer prevent other players from picking up those powerups by standing on them
  • Respawning players who end their movement on an unclaimed powerup will now claim it at end of turn (before the ensuing decision phase)

Action Log

  • Revamped Action Log
  • Added a toggle in settings menu for showing HP text in new action log

Bug Fixes

  • Delphinia 5 no longer causes mist all over the screen in vsAI games
  • Mtuku 2 now always heals the correct amounts
  • Juliette 3 now properly reduces cooldowns when the condition is met
  • Tasha 3 no longer triggers on the following turn if the shielded ally was killed


Please note that these changes do not preclude future changes to these characters or abilities
  • Krakk 5 no longer grants Unstoppable (to self or allies)
  • Yuri 1 base damage reduced from 27 to 26.